Park Rules & Regulations

Splash Valley Park Rules

General Rules

- Proper swim wear must be worn! No cut-offs or gym shorts of any type will be permitted. Swim trunks must have a lining. Street Clothing will not be allowed in the water. Failure to wear proper swimwear will result in expulsion from the park without a refund.

- Highly trained and certified staff are on duty for your safety. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing safety rules and for responding to emergencies.

- Children ages 11 and under will not be allowed into the Aquatic Park without a parent/guardian 16 years or older.

- All children who are not toilet trained must wear tight fitting swim trunks over swim diapers.

- No inflatable toys, water wings, kickboards or fins are allowed in the facility. All flotation devices must be U.S. Coast Guard approved.

- No outside food, drinks or coolers are allowed.  One seal bottle of water per person only. Guests may enjoy outside food outside of the park in our designated picnic area.

- Food and drink may be purchased at the Lily Pad Cafe and are permitted in the outdoor corral deck area only.

- No smoking inside the park.

- Splash Valley Aquatic Park reserves the right to close the entire Aquatic Park, or portions thereof, under the following conditions:

       • There is a threat of violent weather or lightning is sighted.

       • The air temperature is below 69 degrees.

       • There is a low attendance

       • There is a mechanical breakdown

       • The chemistry for the water is not up to acceptable health standards

       • There’s any situation that would jeopardize the health or safety of the  

          Aquatic Park patrons.

       • Management reserves the right to close the facility whenever it is deemed in the best interest of Splash Valley.

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