COVID-19 Restrictions

Illinois Department of Public Health Guidelines

Patrons may sign up for two sessions per day.  They will however need to leave the interior facility for the 30 minute break between sessions in order for us to sanitize.  We will have the side window to the concession open for business during this time

During Phase 4, swimming facilities licensed by IDPH can open to a maximum 50 percent capacity. Operators, employees, and customers should wear face coverings when not engaged in swimming activities. Operators, employees, and customers should frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol. Operators, employees, and customers should adhere to social distancing where applicable.

Operators should limit group sizes to no more than 50 people, allowing for social distancing where possible. However, multiple groups of up to 50 people may be permitted if facilities allow for social distancing of guests and employees; 30 feet of distancing is maintained between groups; and areas for each group are clearly marked to discourage interaction between groups.

Operators should make employee and customer temperature checks required upon entry to the facility, and at mid-shift screen employees to ensure the absence of COVID-19 symptoms.

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