We are extremely excited and proud to begin the Splash Valley reconstruction project. This project is dedicated to our Community. Thank you to our partner sand supporters.

We have received our preliminary report.  We will have major repair and replacements in the pump house not only to equipment/mechanical but the building itself.  The slides will be refinished and the dump well will be walled off where it is currently open to the lazy river.  

The Lazy River is in failure condition.  The pool walls and floor have severe cracking and spalling.  Other than completely removing and replacing of damaged sections which would require reconstruction of essentially the entire lazy river of which this would not include piping, drains, jets,gutters, etc.

The Lazy River reconstruction alone would exceed our budget.  Long term, the Lazy River is a high expense feature not only mechanically but supply (water, chemicals, etc.) and significant lifeguard staffing.

The current lap pool will require patching in some areas along with removal of one wall to add two lap lanes.  End result of lap lanes will be 6.  This is a yard lap pool therefore it will provide us the opportunity to form or host up to and including a high school level swim team. For the new concrete wall and flooring to append to existing concrete, a joint will be needed. The connection will require a hydrophilic water-stop.  

The pool deck will see some reconfiguration due to removal of the lazy river and improvement/expansion of the lap pool.  Other items of need to the pool deck include reconditioning or replacement of access ladders, handrails, repair and replacements of pool gutters, and compliance drains.  

For the chemical room, bath house, locker room, and concession area, we will have plumbing, electrical, roof/ceiling repairs, replacement of equipment, and general cleaning.  We will be landscaping with plantings that will be conducive to an aquatic area.

Our Anticipated Project Schedule:

5 Months To Complete
  • Field Survey; Field Measurements
  • Pool Mechanical Systems Design
  • Pool Deck and Civil Systems Design
  • Structural Revisions Design
  • CADD Drawing Development
  • Contract Specifications
  • Permit Application Submission
2 Months To Complete
  • IDPH Permit Reviews
1 Month To Complete
  • Bid Package Preparation
  • Bid Forms
  • Bid Solicitation
1 Month To Complete
  • Bid Review
  • Contract Award and Issue

This project will be 100% compliant with all state laws and state statues.  

The PROJECTED BUDGET for the aforementioned is $2,007,300.00. The projected budget is based on the visuals evaluation and will further defined in the design phase for bids. Final budgets will be dependent on construction costs within bids.

Beyond this,the district will be working on fundraising efforts and sponsorships for all “soft” reopening related materials and equipment.  Please consider being a part of our fundraising efforts and/or sponsoring the pool. Help us FILL THE POOL.